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Congratulations to our 2018 Grantees!

February 28, 2019

After receiving a record number of applications, we are happy to announce our grant recipients:

  • Asian Indians for Community Service – Promotes the well-being of the Asian American community through advocacy, education/training, and service to eliminate disparities and promote equity in health care in the greater Washington DC region.
  • Micro Business Network – Strengthens the membership’s commitment to a strong progressive political analysis with a focus on developing relationships between the Korean, Chinese, and Asian immigrant store owner community and the surrounding African American communities within the context of rapid-fire gentrification.
  • Asian Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Resource Project – Mitigates the multiple cultural and linguistic barriers facing many A/PI residents who are silently grappling with issues of sexual and intimate partner violence.
  • KhushDC –  Supports a social and educational group for South Asian LGBTQ people in the DMV area for people to find one another and build relationships.
  • Vietnamese American Services – Serves Vietnamese Americans by addressing existing and emerging needs of this underserved population in the Washington Metropolitan Area: Promoting access to healthcare, Improving quality of life for seniors and people at risk, Offering English classes and workforce development, and Hosting cultural events.
  • Family Counseling Center of Greater Washington – Provides professional counseling for Korean-Asian families with Mental Health issues, mentoring for youth in academic achievement and leadership development, a senior outreach program with house call, and group recreational therapy/activities for seniors.
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